The Philadelphia area has a chance of scattered flurries today, tonight and tomorrow, as the eastern half of the nation remains stuck in a cold snap.

After snow fell over the weekend from Minnesota (11 inches) to Chicago (5 inches) to North Carolina (2 inches in Greensboro), freezing temperatures can be found all the way into Florida, according to

An inch or more could fall today in the Poconos and parts of North Jersey and New York State.

Highs should be in the mid to upper 30s all week in Philadelphia and South Jersey, with lows in the mid to upper 20s - a range about 10 degrees chillier than normal for early December. The Pennsylvania suburbs, as usual, should be slightly colder.

With gusts of 14 m.p.h. or more for the next several days, windchills will be a worry throughout the region. They were in the teens at 7:30 this morning in such places as Wilmington, Millville and Bethlehem.

Rain and snow are possible Friday as highs through the weekend return to the low 40s.

Sunday could see rain and snow as well.

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