Port Richmond just minted a millionaire (ignoring the bite from taxes).

In last night's Mega Millions drawing, someone who played the Megaplier at an East Westmoreland Street drugstore also matched five numbers, earning a cool $1 million.

It wasn't Joe Kalinowski, owner/pharmacist of A&W Pharmacy. "If it was, do you think you'd be talking to me?" he said.

He heard a woman won, but who she is he doesn't know. "I think it's fantastic. . . . I'm hoping it's a neighborhood person who could really use the money," he said.

The ticket had the correct five first numbers - 4, 38, 45, 53 and 54 - but not the Mega Ball of 9.

Normally, that combination wins $250,000 - as did a New York ticket and another sold in Maryland. Two California tickets won $122,746 each under that state's pari-mutuel system.

The Pennsylvania ticket, though, also had the multiplier option known as the Megaplier, automatically boosting the prize to seven figures.

Since nobody matched all the numbers, Friday's jackpot will be worth $88 million for the annuity, $57.1 million for the cash.

Tonight, Powerball offers an annuity jackpot worth $25 million, or $13 million cash.

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