A wrapped package deposited this morning on the door of a Bensalem bank appeared to be a Christmas gift; however, the contents suggested otherwise and may have been part of a plot to steal money, police said.

Inside the wrapped present - about the size of a shoebox - were two apparent pipe bombs, said Bensalem Police Deputy Director of Public Safety Pat Ponticelli.

He said the devices were safely detonated by the Philadelphia Police Bomb Squad, which is analyzing the materials to determine whether the bombs were functional.

"They certainly looked real enough," Ponticelli said, "but they might not have had all the necessary parts."

Ponticelli said an employee of the M&T Bank in the 1800 block of State Street made the discovery about 8:25 a.m. She saw a bag containing the box hanging on the bag door and took it inside, he said.

He said police believe the bag was left sometime between 8 and 8:25 a.m. since other employees who arrived at 8 a.m. did not see any package.

Inside the bag was a note that indicated the bombs could be detonated remotely, a possible threat to get money from the bank, Ponticelli said.

After police were summoned, they secured the area and locked down nearby schools for an hour until the pipe bombs were removed, Ponticelli said.

He said that an investigation is underway and that surveillance video is being reviewed.