Two tickets hit Powerball's top prize on Saturday night, but everybody missed in Mega Millions, so Tuesday's annuity jackpot will be worth $104 million, or $66.4 million cash.

Maybe this one could end a kind of jackpot jinx.

Neither multistate game has reached $150 million in more than six months - the longest such drought in seven years.

Since jackpots accelerate with size, Mega Millions is likely to hit $200 million if it builds for a couple more weeks, especially during holiday shopping season.

Powerball's jackpot got hit Saturday night after rolling over just twice. The two winning tickets - sold in Illinois and Kentucky - will split a $37 million annuity, or about half as much in cash.

The numbers were 1, 8, 10, 19 and 20, with a Powerball of 23, and once again relatively low numbers produced a bunch of secondary winners.

New York and Georgia tickets each won $1 million by matching the first five numbers while having the Power Play multiplier option.

Three New Jersey tickets and another in Pennsylvania were among a whopping 21 to win $200,000 for matching the first five without the Power Play. Three others were sold in New York; two each in Ohio, Kentucky, Missouri and Texas; and one each in Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Arizona.

Wednesday's annuity jackpot will be worth $20 million.

The Arizona winner of $95 million in the Dec. 1 drawing has yet to step forward.

The numbers drawn Friday night for Mega Millions drawings were 23, 27, 33, 44 and 46, with a Mega Ball of 36.

Winning $250,000 each for matching the first five, but not the Mega Ball, were four tickets, sold in New York, Ohio, Illinois and Texas. Two California tickets also matched the five, but won only $134,421 under that state's pari-mutuel system.

The $25 million jackpot hit Nov. 9 in Ohio is also still unclaimed.

Both games are played in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and several dozen other states.

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