A convicted hitman for one of Camden's largest drug operations, now serving two life prison sentences, was back in federal court Tuesday.

Juan "Two-Face" Rivera-Velez, who worked as an enforcer for the Raymond Morales drug gang, was ordered to pay more than $27,000 in restitution to the families of two victims who Rivera-Velez perceived were a threat.

U.S. District Judge Joseph Irenas ordered restitution of $15,768 in medical expenses to be paid to Rafael Colon-Rodriguez who was shot in the face in 2003. The judge also ordered restitution of $12,000 for the funeral and burial of Miguel Batista, rival drug dealer killed in 1996.

Rivera-Velez, called "Two-Face" because he was severely disfigured in an accident, was an enforcer for Morales, a drug kingpin who was responsible for distributing hundreds of kilos of cocaine from 1992 to 2004. Morales cooperated with prosecutors and testified against Rivera-Velez. Morales is in protective custody as he too serves a lengthy prison sentence.