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Corbett names Zogby budget secretary

HARRISBURG – Gov.-elect Tom Corbett has named Charles Zogby, a former top official in the Ridge administration, to fill one of the toughest jobs in the state Capitol these days: budget secretary.

Zogby, 48, of York County, is the senior vice president of education and policy for K12 Inc., an online school curriculum developer and provider.

Before that, Zogby was the Education secretary under Govs. Ridge and Schweiker. He also served as Ridge's policy director.

Said Corbett in a statement: "Our goal is to enact a responsible, commonsense budget. Charles Zogby's experience and knowledge of the inner workings of state government make him an ideal choice as Budget Secretary."

Zogby will have a difficult job ahead, entering the fray during a time of severe budget problems: the state is facing an estimated $4 billion deficit next year alone.

And Corbett made a campaign promise to not raise taxes, which means that he will either have to drastically cut spending or sell of state assets (like the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board) – or some combination of both.