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Gov. Rendell takes his act to “The Colbert Report”

I just flew in from Harrisburg and boy, are my arms tired. But seriously folks . . .

I just flew in from Harrisburg and boy, are my arms tired. But seriously folks . . .

Last night Ed Rendell, Pennsylvania's irrepressible outgoing governor, threw his hat into the ring of what may be his new career: talk-show guest. During an appearance on The Colbert Report on Comedy Central, Fast Eddy displayed his gift for light banter, parrying with host Stephen Colbert.

The comedian had teed up the governor during his monologue, playing the now infamous radio interview in which an exasperated Rendell called us "a nation of wusses."

Rendell did not back down from his plank of rugged individualism, saying, "We can't get anything done anymore."

He delivered a call to action, declaring: "It's time for us to start fighting back."

Bold words, but those are the hallmark of TV punditry.

Earlier in the day, during what he said was likely his final Philadelphia news conference as governor, he was asked whom his future employer might be. Rendell responded: "You'll have to call my agent. Heh-heh."

And who would that be? "It's William Morris - you've heard of them."

The storied entertainment agency has served clients from Al Jolson to Robert Pattinson.

Some have posited that Ed's future would lie in sports commentary, based on his weekly postgame show on CSN.

But he clearly is also comfortable in the comedy arena.

Asked by Colbert what's next, he quipped, "The biggest challenge going forward is learning to drive a car. I haven't driven in 20 years."

So is our governor destined for the world of showbiz? What? And leave politics?