Three South Jersey men were indicted Tuesday in connection with a February cross burning alongside a highway in Burlington County.

A burning cross, constructed of framing lumber, was found blazing Feb. 16 in Bass River Township near the intersection of Route 9 and Ash Road, said a spokesman for the Burlington County Prosecutor's office.

A witness reported seeing three men walking away from the 4-by-8 foot wooden cross. Shortly after, a state trooper spotted a trio around Jericho Road. One man - Nicholas Comis, 21 of Tuckerton, had gasoline stains on his pants and was arrested.

Investigators determined that an African-American family lived nearby the site of the burning.

Christopher Hurrell, 21, of Tuckerton and Daniel Enders, 22, of New Gretna, were apprehended the following day.

Each was charged with bias intimidation and arson by a Burlington County Grand Jury.