Editor's Note: This story has been substantially changed.

WASHINGTON - Former Sen. Rick Santorum paid a penalty for a late Penn Hills property tax filing in 2010, but his taxes are up to date.

An earlier version of this story was incorrect in stating that Santorum was delinquent on his taxes. The initial report was based on an outdated Allegheny County lien.

Penn Hills township, a suburb of Pittsburgh, filed a lien against Santorum for $487.60 in October for unpaid 2009 property taxes, according to Allegheny County court documents. But county real estate records show that Mr. Santorum paid the taxes - he just did so a few months late, with a $39.77 fee tacked on. The real estate records also show Santorum paid on time this year for his 2010 property taxes.

Santorum, who lost his Senate seat in 2006 after two terms, plans to announce a campaign for president June 6 in Somerset.

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