More than 100 students Tuesday afternoon chanted and marched around City Hall, holding signs that said, "No child behind...what about us?" and "Don't push me out again."

The rally, organized by Youth United for Change, started at the Thomas Paine Plaza and featured three student speakers before the crowd continued on to City Hall.

"SOS - Save our schools," said students from the 13 accelerated schools slated for closing by the Philadelphia School District to help close a $629 million budget gap.

The programs would be offered inhouse at five district sites.

The schools enroll students who dropped out or are at risk of dropping out.

After the students circled the building once, Mayor Nutter appeared in the northeast plaza area of city hall. He spoke to the students for about five minutes telling them he was proud they were doing their civic duty.

"You deserve better than what we've been able to do," Nutter said. "You really have to have high quality schools and we shouldn't have to trade the swimming pools. These are the things that adults are supposed to do to support children. So it's time for the adults to stand up."

He added: "You have to let your voices be heard because you are the future of this city. This is a crisis moment and you're out here doing the right thing."

Nutter invited the students into City Hall to talk to members of the council. They followed him into the building and they continued on to the fourth floor council chambers. A few leaders from each school then proceeded to council offices to attempt to speak to individual members.

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