Police have identified a man found stabbed to death, along with a woman, in a South Philadelphia apartment.

Eugene C. Zappacosta who lived in the apartment at 13th and Dickinson, was stabbed repeatedly and his throat slashed, police said.

It was his 78th birthday.

A woman, who was covered with so much blood that police initially thought was a man, has not yet been identified.

Their bodies were discovered Tuesday morning. Investigators have not reported a possible motive in the killings that shocked neighbors.

The other victim is a black woman believed to be in her 30s. Her relationship to Zappacosta is not clear.

Their assailant or assailants had turned on gas in the apartment before leaving in a possible attempt to start a fire. But another building resident smelled the gas and called 911.

There was no sign of forced entry. Police said it appeared multiple people had been in and out of the apartment.

Neighbors say the area is normally quiet and family-oriented, but that there had been disturbing signs in recent months.

Some say the corner had become popular with prostitutes. Others said they noticed drug activity and fighting on nearby corners.