Some much-needed rain could make the next few days somewhat soggy.

Showers and possibly thunderstorms should arrive by midafternoon Saturday, while steadier stuff is expected most of Sunday into Monday morning, according to meteorologist Valerie Meola of the National Weather Service.

So anyone hoping to squeeze in a run or a bike ride might aim to head out Saturday morning, but even then there's a possibility of light rain, she said.

Sunday could bring the first real soaking since Feb. 29, when more an inch of rain was recorded at Philadelphia International Airport.

Only 1.17 inches has fallen since.

Sunday night alone could top that, Meola said.

Over the next three days, the area might get 2 to 4 inches total, which creates the potential for low-lying and poorly drained areas to see flooding Sunday night.

Winds could pick up on Monday, but it's too early to know if they'll be strong enough to uproot any trees sitting on saturate ground, potentially causing power outages.

"It's something we're keeping on eye on," Meola said.

Sunday will also start a spell of cooler weather, at least for the immediate Philadelphia area, with a high of about 60 Sunday, followed by the mid 50s Monday and Tuesday, then the low 60s Wednesday.

Although far Northern Pennsylvania, as well as New York State, might see a little snow Monday night, the week looks frost-free for the Philadelphia area.

Given the mild temperatures so far this year, adventurous suburban gardeners might see an opportunity to get a headstart on planting the likes of bush beans and cucumbers, instead of waiting for Mother's Day, when the threat of frost is generally past.

The Lehigh Valley and parts north, especially higher elevations, are likely to see some temperatures in the 30s this week, so folks there should wait, Meola said.

Mid-April is generally accepted as a good time for a spring planting of most grass seed, if the rains stay light.

The worry, though, is that heavy rain could wash uncovered seed away.

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