Wednesday's preliminary hearing for the Black Madam featured testimony about "butt pumping parties" and a woman who goes by the name of "Back Shots." But perhaps the most bizarre moment came when Black Madam's attorney argued that one reason his client isn't a flight risk is that she always wears 4-inch heels.

Judge Jacquelyn Frazier-Lyde didn't buy the argument. She held the case for trial and refused to reduce the $750,000 bail for Black Madam, a transgender gothic hip-hop artist whose real name is Padge Victoria Windslowe.

Windslowe, 42, is charged with aggravated assault and related offenses for allegedly giving an illegal buttocks injection to an exotic dancer while under investigation for giving an illegal injection that killed a British tourist at an airport hotel in February 2011.

The dancer, 23, testified Wednesday that the February 2012 injections that landed her in the hospital were not the first she'd received from Windslowe.

The victim, whose identity is being withheld by the Daily News, said that on New Year's Eve 2010, she attended a "butt-pumping party" at the house of a fellow dancer known as "Back Shots."

The victim said that she and four other girls paid $1,000 each to have four silicone injections in their buttocks. Following the injections, Windlowe used "crazy glue" and cotton balls to seal the injection sites, she said.

"I thought it was strange but everybody was doing it," she said.

After being injected and sealed, Windslowe told the women to lie on the floor for four to five hours, to not sit on their buttocks for three days and to drink a lot of water, the woman said.

The first procedure had no adverse affects. However, when she learned of the British tourist who died after allegedly receiving injections from Windslowe, she became frightened.

"It was terrible ... her face was all over the news," she said. "I thought, 'That was the same person who was touching me.' "

Despite her fear, the woman went to another butt-pumping party hosted by Windslowe and "Back Shots" on Feb. 19 this year. There, Windslowe told her she had new medical-grade silicone from Thailand and she told the injectees that the British tourist died not from the injection, but because she was high on cocaine and didn't drink enough water, she testified.

After Windslowe gave her the Feb. 19 injections, the woman's temperature rose to 109 degrees and she vomited blood, she said. She went to Temple University Hospital, where they diagnosed her with pneumonia and sent her home. When she continued to have trouble breathing, she went to Lankenau Medical Center, where doctors discovered that she had fine particles of silicone in her lungs.

As for her career as an exotic dancer, she said she can no longer do pole work and can't dance as long because she gets out of breath. She said she's now depressed and has lost feeling in half of her face. n

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