City Councilwoman Jannie L. Blackwell has agreed to pay $3,250 in fines for accepting four campaign donations last year that exceeded the city's contribution limits.

The city Board of Ethics disclosed the fines Wednesday, one of five settlement agreements involving violations of the contribution ceilings. During last year's elections, candidates were allowed to accept no more than $2,600 from individuals or $10,600 from political action committees.

Blackwell acknowledged receipts totaling $12,500 from the Laborer's District Council PAC and $12,000 from the Genesis IV PAC, run by Edgar C. Campbell Jr., a Democratic ward leader in West Philadelphia. Blackwell also accepted $5,000 from Scott Orens and $3,000 from Dr. L.H. Brown.

Among the other settlement agreements, Council candidate Bill Rubin agreed to pay a $500 fine for accepting $1,000 over the limit from the Laborer's PAC and $400 too much from contributor Fareed Ahmed.

Three PACs also agreed to pay fines — Genesis IV for excessive donations to Blackwell and City Commissioner Anthony Clark, and two union PACs, representing Steamfitters Local 420 and Bricklayers Local 1, for giving too much to Council candidate Bobby Henon.—Bob Warner