Think it's painful to pay $5 to cross Ben Franklin or Walt Whitman Bridge?

After all, the Tacony-Palmyra and Burlington-Bristol Bridges charge just $2.

Be grateful, however, you're not commuting to and from New York City and paying cash.

The cash rate was hiked Sunday to $13 for cars using any Port Authority bridge or tunnel.

And that rate will rise to $14 in 2014 and $15 in 2015.

That's much higher than the $5 - or $2.50 for seniors 65 and up - the DRPA charges drivers using the Franklin, Whitman, Betsy Ross and Commodore Barry Bridges.

Neither is any rate hike expected soon by the DRPA.

"The tolls will stay where they are for the foreseeable future," said spokesman Timothy Ireland.

Unlike the DRPA, though, the Port Authority does offer big discounts to E-ZPass users and carpoolers.

The E-ZPass break brings the North Jersey-New York commute down to $10.25 during peak periods, and $8.25 off-peak. Those discounted rates, still higher than Philly's, will also rise, reaching $12.50 peak and $10.50 off-peak three years from now.

Carpoolers actually pay less than DRPA users to get into and out of New York City - $4.50, any time, with registration in a plan, use of E-ZPass, and three or more passengers in the car.

That's going to rise, too, however, to $5 next December, $5.75 in 2014 and $6.50 in 2015.