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D.A. riled by Bynum flamenco video

Now the D.A. has weighed in on new video of a flamenco-dancing Andrew Bynum.

Now the D.A. has weighed in on new video of a flamenco-dancing Andrew Bynum.

The center, who blamed bad knees for not playing a single minute this season for the 76ers, is seen doing some fancy footwork with a couple of colorfully clad women in Spain.

Have you seen the video? sports talker Angelo Cataldi asked District Attorney Seth Williams on 94 WIP's morning show.

"I have, and I have to let you know it will be entered as Commonwealth Exhibit 1 in the fraud charges against him and the consumer protection charges against the Philadelphia 76ers," Williams replied.

"I've already contacted Interpol and we have extradition treaties with Spain," he added.

He even quipped about investigating whoever medically cleared the guy, acquired from the L.A. Lakers last summer.

"I've put priests away for pedophile stuff. I'm going after the doctor," Williams said. "I'm prosecuting a doctor now that doesn't have a license. Maybe whoever examined him is a quack, too."

Williams was kidding, of course, just as he was March 1 when he tweeted about Bynum's failure to play: "It could be fraud, theft of services or robbery. Fans and ticket buyers need to know. 10-9-8-76ers!"

Perhaps the biggest laugh came when Williams talked about fans feeling cheated this season. Including his daughter.

"She's still mad that I took her to a Sixers game this year," he said.

"So what did I do wrong, Daddy?" joked cohost Rhea Hughes.

Williams also said he liked the Eagles draft and new head coach Chip Kelly so far, and that Ruben Amaro Jr. deserves the main blame for Phillies woes.

"It comes to the players and who is brought to the team, and of course that rests on the doorstep of the general manager," Williams said.

The podcast can be heard at WIP's website.