NORTHEAST PHILA. The masked gunmen who stole $105,000 from an armored car in broad daylight Thursday have been connected to a similar robbery in October just over a mile away, a law enforcement source said.

In Thursday's robbery, two men wearing black bandannas and armed with semiautomatic rifles held up a Garda armored car outside the TD Bank at 6635 Frankford Ave. in Mayfair about 8:55 a.m., police said.

In an October robbery of the Wells Fargo Bank on the 8000 block of Frankford Avenue in Holmesburg, two men in Scream masks, also armed with semiautomatic weapons, made off with $300,000 from a Garda car.

The source could not specify how investigators made the connection between the heists, but said a "full-court press" continued for the men involved in Thursday's robbery, who police said fled in a stolen van and later got into a white Cadillac Escalade on the 6600 block of Tackawanna Street. The robbers in the October holdup also fled in a stolen van.

Later Thursday, police searched an apartment building in a complex on the 7900 block of Henry Avenue in Upper Roxborough. Officers - some in bulletproof vests - entered a third-floor apartment with a battering ram, employed after a manager's key didn't work, a law enforcement source said.

Inside they found a large amount of cash that appeared to have been taken from the armored truck that day, the source said. Officers did not recover any weapons, and no one was inside when they entered, the source said.

A white Escalade outside the building was also connected to the robbery, the source said.

The FBI and Philadelphia police are investigating. No arrests had been made Thursday evening.

"We're investigating all leads and we're working with the police and other law enforcement partners to really try to pin these robberies," said Carrie Adamowski, an FBI spokeswoman.