TUESDAY UPDATE: Ollie, the dachshund that ran off after attacking an alleged burglary suspect in Bensalem, was spotted near his owner's apartment this morning, but ran off again before he could be caught.

"He's obviously trying to come home," said Evan Greathouse, the canine's owner. "He knows home."

He said a neighbor saw the dog but Ollie bolted when a teenager tried to retrieve him. Greathouse said he's continuing to look for Ollie, but was heartened to know the animal survived and is apparently not seriously hurt.

"We were just really worried that he got cut severely by the fall," he said. "We're just thankful that we know he's okay."


One of two dachshunds that attacked the alleged masturbating intruder in Bensalem on Sunday night disappeared after the hero dog fell out a second-floor window with the suspect, according to one of the canine's owners.

Resident Evan Greathouse said his dogs Ollie and Heinz, two 17-pound long-haired dachshunds, did exactly what they've been trained to do when they saw an intruder on the balcony of Greathouse's home in the Franklin Common Apartments on Bobolink Drive shortly after 8 p.m.

Greathouse's fiance was home alone with the dogs when the suspect, identified as 21-year-old Angel Suarez Medero, allegedly appeared on the balcony.

Suarez Medero, a jockey at nearby Parx Casino's racetrack, was allegedly high on drugs, Greathouse said police have told him. Greathouse's fiance was able to escape to a neighbor's apartment before Suarez Medero entered the home. Another neighbor eventually shot Suarez Medero, who allegedly continued struggling with residents and police even after suffering two bullet wounds, Greathouse said.

Both dogs attacked Suarez Medero when he allegedly smashed through the balcony's sliding glass doors and entered Greathouse's apartment, the resident said.

"We've trained our dogs to protect against intruders and they did exactly that," Greathouse said in an interview Monday evening. "They're our heroes in all this."

He said Suarez Medero apparently rampaged through their apartment after crashing through the balcony doors and was probably being attacked by Ollie and Heinz the whole time.

Eventually, Greathouse said, Suarez Medero apparently flung himself out of a bedroom window and Ollie went with the him.

"We believe our dog was attacking him and went with him," Greathouse said.

Ollie disappeared in the confusion and fighting that followed between Suarez Medero, neighbors and police.

"We don't have any kids and they're like our kids," he said. "They did their part. We want Ollie to come home."

He said anyone with information about Ollie can call (610)400-3132.

Suarez Medero was taken to Aria Torresdale Hospital in critical condition. He's expected to be charged with burglary, assault and other offenses.

Emily Babay contributed to this report.