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Bolaris: Where the heck is spring?

This is the time of the year when your throw your arms up and yell, "I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore!!!" (That's the famous quote from the 1976 movie Network about a former anchor's ravings over the media's quest for profits.) Hmm, I think director Sidney Lumet was on to something.

Back to weather. Yes, we do have a chance of some wet snow this evening, but this will be solely confined across the distant northern and western suburbs. The Lehigh Valley and the Poconos could pick up an inch or two in the highest elevations.

Most of the region, including the city, will see a cold rain arriving during the afternoon and continuing through the evening rush. I'm also including a few scattered thunderstorms across extreme South Jersey and Delaware.

The precipitation will move out this evening, starting around 8 p.m. across the northwest suburbs, around 9-10 p.m. in Philly and by 11 p.m. across New Jersey and Delaware.

Wednesday will feature plenty of sunshine but will remain unseasonably cold with temperatures struggling to reach 50 degrees. Normally, we'd be closer to 60 degrees.

Temperatures will rebound to above normal by Thursday, when we catch a nice spring break.  Readings will rise well into the 60s with a decent amount of the solar disk appearing. We'll finish off the workweek with the thermometer soaring toward 70. However, it will be very windy with rain and thunderstorms arriving during the afternoon or early evening hours.

As we head into Easter weekend, another modified polar blast will arrive on a departing rain storm Saturday morning. After that morning rain, and yes even a few wet flakes to the north and west, we'll see windy, cold dry conditions by afternoon. The mercury will drops back into unseasonably cold 40s.

On Easter Sunday, I can't completely rule out a passing shower or even a few wet flakes well northwest of Philadelphia. Readings should sneak into the low 50s.

Opening Day forecast for this coming Monday has been a tough one to figure out.  Model guidance has been all over the place. But as I see it now:

3:05 p.m. Boston Vs. Phillies

Temp: 55

Sky: Chance of a scattered shower 40%

Wind: Westerly 10-15 mph

Finally I see an atmospheric shift in the overall weather pattern starting around April 12-15. My long-range call is for a dramatically warmer pattern. By mid-April we could see temperatures rise into the 70s and toward the 80-degree mark. So yes, some warm light is ahead of this cold, never-ending 'winter.'