A woman walked into Virtua Hospital in Berlin Borough, Camden County, this afternoon and said she was affected by some type of white powder, according to authorities.

The hospital was then locked down as the county's hazardous materials unit secured the waiting area and tested the substance, authorities said.

A Virtua spokeswoman said the woman showed up "with potential exposure to a toxic substance," but testing found it to be "nontoxic." The type of substance was not immediately identified.

The lockdown of the hospital ended after about 90 minutes.

The woman entered the hospital at about 1 p.m. She reportedly complained of a burning sensation. Subsequent reports indicated authorities also secured a location in nearby Winslow Township where the woman may have come in contact with the powder.

"All precautions were taken as part of our normal operating procedures," Virtua spokeswoman Peggy Leone said in an email. "No other patients or employees were ever at risk. The hospital has been cleared as safe and has returned to normal operation."