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Cops: Shooting victim drove self to hospital

Talk about rush hour.

A 29-year-old man had the strength to drive himself to Albert Einstein Medical Center after sustaining a gunshot wound to his neck in Olney just before 6 p.m., according to police.

Fortunately for him, he didn't have to drive too far: He told police that he was shot on Wellens Avenue near 2nd Street about a mile and a half away from the hospital, Chief Inspector Scott Small said.

"We're all pretty shocked he was able to drive that distance after being shot," Small said. "He's very lucky."

Hospital workers notified police of the victim, whose blood-soaked van was still parked outside the emergency room when investigators arrived. Inside, in addition to the blood, were several bags of a green "weed-like substance," Small said. It's not clear if those bags played a role in the shooting.

Back on the reported scene, investigators found no physical evidence: no blood, shell casings or any other sign of a shooting. However, they did find a witness, who is currently being interviewed by detectives from Northwest Division.

That witness told police that the shooter was a man with a thin build, who wore a green shirt and dark gloves during the attack, Small said.