Ollie, the brave dachshund who took on an alleged burglar inside his owners' Bensalem home on Dec. 28, has been reunited with his family, owner Evan Greathouse said Sunday evening.

The wiener dog re-emerged after two weeks of hiding out within a few miles of his owners' home at Franklin Common Apartments on Bobolink Drive in the Bucks County township.

"Yesterday (Saturday), we had a valid sighting. They said, 'He's in our backyard," Greathouse said of a call from residents roughly a mile from where Ollie went missing. "He went into the woods there. We put out some food for him: liverwurst, some cheeseburger meat, basically stinky dog food."

One of two animal rescue groups that helped with the search the last two weeks set a motion detection camera on the food and after a couple sightings overnight and Sunday morning, they finally got Ollie at 4 p.m.

Greathouse said veterinarians believe the small, courageous puppy suffered from traumatic stress disorder after his violent encounter two weekends ago with an allegedly naked and masturbating burglar.

Greathouse's fiance was home alone with Ollie and another dachshund, Heinz, when the suspect, identified as 21-year-old Angel Suarez Medero, allegedly appeared on the balcony. Suarez Medero was a jockey at nearby Parx Casino's racetrack.

Greathouse's fiance was able to escape to a neighbor's apartment before Suarez Medero entered the home. Another neighbor eventually shot Suarez Medero, who allegedly continued struggling with residents and police even after suffering two bullet wounds, Greathouse said.

Both dogs attacked Suarez Medero when he allegedly smashed through the balcony's sliding glass doors and entered Greathouse's apartment, the resident said.

"We've trained our dogs to protect against intruders and they did exactly that," Greathouse said two weeks ago. "They're our heroes in all this."

According to witnesses, Ollie disappeared right after flying from a second-story window with Suarez Medero.

"He went through a traumatic experience. He fought an intruder and fell from a second-story window," Greathouse said. "He was scared crapless. And what happens after three or four days on their own, they go back to the wild. So once they get to that stage, they figure out how to get food and water on their own."

Greathouse credited two rescue groups, Dachshund Rescue of Bucks County (DRBC) and Ruby the Lost Greyhound, with spending many hours searching and circulating posters since Ollie went missing.

DRBC supplied the motion sensor camera, which helped in the final hours to identify and locate Ollie, Greathouse said.

"Those two groups have been the biggest help," he said.

Ollie is recovering from some small ailments at a veterinary hospital in Mercer County, N.J. Greathouse said he has a laceration on one of his legs that likely occurred during the burglary attack. But the wound is already healing.