These gigantic jackpots won't last much longer.

Mega Millions is up to $190 million for Friday's drawing because no one matched all the numbers drawn last night. A ticket sold in Delaware just missed, matching the first five numbers -- 6, 10, 12, 28 and 32 -- but not the Mega Ball of 38.

Mega Million's top prize hasn't been hit in two months.

Powerball has a $360 million jackpot for tonight's drawing, its third biggest ever. The cash payout of $229.2 million is the fifth largest for any U.S. lottery.

Every other jackpot this big has gotten hit, so if Powerball does somehow roll over, the record books better watch out.

Last March, a $356 million Mega Millions jackpot rolled over, and skyrocketing sales resulted in a $656 million annuity, obliterating the old U.S. record of $390 million.

In November, Powerball set its all-time record when a $325 million jackpot rolled over and wound up at $587.5 million. Since then, Powerball has added California, which has helped the jackpot soar $90 million just since Saturday.

The Powerball drawing will air live at 10:59 p.m. Eastern Time on 6ABC in Philadelphia, but don't expect to learn if anyone won until far into the night. "Results pending" is likely to appear on for hours after the drawing. (See list of all televising stations.)

Also matching five numbers in Mega Millions, and winning at least $250,000, were two tickets sold in Georgia, and one each in Maryland, New York, Illinois and Michigan.

Where the Delaware ticket was sold should be known by early afternoon.

Both games are available in more than 40 states, including Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Mega Millions tickets cost $1 each, half the price of Powerball, but the odds are the same, about 1 chance in 175 million with a single ticket.
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