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Philly home invaders steal kids' Christmas toys, jewelry at gunpoint

Philadelphia police say they have not made an arrest in an incident in which  a trio dressed in black invaded a Mayfair home early Sunday morning, taking Christmas toys, jewelry, and cash at gunpoint.

No one, including three children at home at the time, was hurt. Five adults and three children were at the house on the 4600 block of Oakmont Street when the invasion began with a 3:35 a.m. knock on the door, a police report said.

"I opened the door. A gun was in my face," one of the adults, a man, told a 6ABC reporter. He said the home invaders told the male residents to sit in the living room and the women to stay upstairs with the children, and "they took me around the house looking for stuff." The man told the 6ABC reporter that the invaders forced him to open a safe and stole $750 in cash.

In its report, 6ABC says the man's wife, Amber Gault, said the thieves stole rings off her fingers in the robbery. She and the other adults said the police did not appear to believe their account.

The police report on the incident offered no further details.