A swastika carved into a vehicle was among a half-dozen incidents of vandalism reported in one Bucks County town on Saturday, according to police.

The incidents all occurred within a mile or so of each other in Warminster, a town of about 32,000 people. Three of the acts of vandalism happened on the 600 block of East Street Road, Warminster Township police said.

There, someone slashed the tire of a car parked on the block and carved a swastika into the paint above the slashed tire, police said. The rear-view mirrors on two other vehicles on the block were broken and the taillight of one of those cars was also damaged.

Around the corner, on the 500 block of Cavalcade Lane, mailboxes were smashed at two residences, and on the 600 block of Parmentier Road, the tire of one car was slashed and its rear-view mirror broken, according to police.

In a post on Facebook, Warminster Township Manager Gregg Shuster denounced the vandalism.

"I have had the opportunity to speak with many people in the Warminster community and have found them all to be good people and upstanding citizens that would find this symbol of hate appalling," Shuster wrote. "I hope everyone will join me in recognizing there is no place for hatred in the Warminster community."