Thanks to a game-time decision from President Trump to rescind their invitation to the White House, some Eagles players suddenly have a big hole in their schedules this afternoon.

So what should they do with their free time?

When the Golden State Warriors were uninvited from the White House in February, after it appeared players would vote to skip the visit entirely, the NBA champions still went to Washington, D.C. But instead of mingling with the president, players and coaches met with local schoolkids in an intimate outing closed to media. ESPN reported the Warriors also considered spending the day in Kevin Durant's hometown of Seat Pleasant, Md.

The Birds were scheduled to meet with Trump this afternoon on the South Lawn at 3 p.m., though the president said in a statement Monday night that "The Philadelphia Eagles are unable to come to the White House with their full team to be celebrated tomorrow." A team source said fewer than 10 players planned to attend.

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One fan had a creative idea for how the Iggles should spend their day: Go to White House Subs in Atlantic City and chow down on some sammiches.

Some readers said the Eagles should consider some sort of volunteering opportunity here in Philadelphia.

Because this is Philly and we know how to party, having another massive parade celebrating the Eagles' Super Bowl win was a popular choice (though this time, it would be about 40 degrees warmer). One reader suggested a march around Independence Hall. Another wants a barbecue at City Hall. So maybe the Eagles should just throw a big ol' public party this afternoon?

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Some suggested the champions get a little, well, political themselves. Maybe the team could meet with other living presidents, one reader proposed.

Another said players who raised a fist during the national anthem should "reflect."

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And yet others were a bit more practical with suggestions for how the Eagles should spend their time on this mild Tuesday afternoon.

The team seems to be taking that last one to heart, as a practice was indeed scheduled.

Have any thoughts about how the Birds should spend their afternoon? Let us know in the comments.