Mastering the "Flip-a-Sista" masturbation toy or learning how to properly apply personal lube is not a prerequisite for becoming an Eagle Scout.

Sexually assaulting boys during camping trips isn't one of the milestones, either, but authorities claim Brian Killion, an Atlantic County Eagle Scout, was proficient with the toys and, unfortunately, the boys. Things got worse for Killion yesterday after an Atlantic County grand jury indicted him on 50 counts, including aggravated sexual assault, child endangerment and possession and manufacturing of child porn.

Killion is accused of assaulting at least five boys on various occasions from 1997 through 2010 at his home in Absecon, elsewhere in the county, campgrounds in Burlington and Cape May counties, and at a victim's home in Camden County.

Killion, a former SEPTA bus mechanic and string band performer, claimed he was "depressed" in his last MySpace update.

According to a federal criminal complaint filed against Killion last month, he has reason to be. In the complaint, a boy born in 1999 claimed Killion, a "family friend," tried to wake him up inside a tent in Bass River State Forest in Burlington County on the morning of June 27, 2010. The boy, who was camping with Killion, didn't want to get up, though.

"If you don't get up, I'm going to do something to you," Killion allegedly told the boy.

Then Killion performed oral sex on the boy, authorities claim, while another boy witnessed. The victim also told authorities that Killion showed him pornography and used sex toys, including the Flip-a-Sista, in front of him at the home he shared with his mother.

Another boy, who met Killion through a string band, told investigators Killion lavished him with gifts, trips to Broadway, and money for his mother so she could pay bills. He also claims Killion assaulted him more than 50 times.

Killion remains in the Burlington County Jail on $250,000 bail.