Investigators from the Pennsylvania SPCA seeking the source of a rotten stench in a Kensington row home today found four turtles, a gecko, and a fairly large, black and blue fish.

The animals were alive amid the filth in the home on Cornwall Street near Kensington Avenue, but when the investigators made their way into the back yard around noon, they realized why one person in the home had jumped out a back window and fled when they came in.

Three dead dogs were decaying back there, spokeswoman Wendy Marano said, and investigators found an additional three dead puppies inside a trash bag. All the dead dogs were pitbull-types.

"They said it smelled like death," Marano said.

Amazingly, one emaciated dog was still alive.

Animal cruelty investigators have found several dogfighting rings in that area in recent years.

Marano said investigators believe they know who lives in the house and once the people are located, they will likely be charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty.

She said all the living animals are being treated, including the fish, and should make a full recovery. Necropsies are being performed on the dogs to determined how they died.