A member of a block watch group set up after tires on dozens of cars were slashed in Northeast Philadelphia was arrested this afternoon for allegedly being the vandal who plagued the neighborhood.

About 3 p.m. police arrested David Toledo, who lives on Aldine Street and had complained to the Daily News last month that he didn't know where to park because the street he lived on wasn't safe to park on. Toledo said his wife's tires were slashed on March 12 and his were slashed on March 20.

He had also talked with several other media outlets about being terrorized by the slasher, even telling 6 ABC in March that he had been victimized 11 times.

Police said at a news conference at Northeast Detectives that Toledo was responsible for vandalizing 55 cars on Aldine and Teesdale streets between Frankford Avenue and Erdick Street since November.

He's charged with three counts of felony criminal mischief, 47 of misdemeanor criminal mischief, seven of possession of an instrument of crime and five false reports.

Toledo had joined a block watch set up for Aldine and Teesdale streets. He's not affiliated with the Mayfair Town Watch group.

Police did not provide details on how the investigation led to Toledo but said that he had been a suspect for some time.