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Deer disrupts PATCO service over Benjamin Franklin Bridge

A deer spotted in Center City this morning made its way to the train tracks over the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, disrupting PATCO service before moving onto the bridge and being struck by a car.

According to messages posted on PATCO's Twitter account, the deer was seen on the tracks near the bridge's endpoint in Philadelphia.

That disrupted PATCO service while authorities responded.

The train operator saw the deer in time to avoid hitting the animal, but the deer then moved into traffic and was struck and killed by a car.

PATCO called it "highly unusual" for a deer to get onto the tracks in Philadelphia.

People using social networks such as Facebook and Twitter were posting about deer sightings in Center City as early as about 11 a.m. The deer was spotted in several neighborhoods, according to the posts, before making its way toward the bridge.

There was no information on where the deer first emerged.