The Transportation Security Administration made nearly $7,000 last year just from Philadelphia International Airport passengers who left their loose change behind at checkpoints.

Overall, the TSA collected $531,395 in unclaimed loose change from airports nationwide in fiscal year 2012.

The agency made $6,960.78 from change Philadelphia passengers left behind, according to an annual agency report. The report was issued earlier this year but has made headlines this week after the U.S. House passed a bill that would give the money collected to non-profits that give travel amenities to military personnel and their families.

Now, the funds are supposed to be put toward civil aviation security. But as of March, when the report was issued, the TSA had only put $6,539 of that loose change recovered toward security enhancements.

Travelers at Miami International Airport left behind the most change, with the TSA collecting more than $39,000 there in fiscal 2012, according to the report.

At other local airports, travelers left behind $9,789.27 at Newark International Airport, $350.56 at Atlantic City International Airport and $140.05 at Lehigh Valley International Airport.

So if you're traveling by air this holiday season: Remember to pick up your change after making it through the security checkpoint.