Former New Jersey Gov. James E. McGreevey says in divorce papers filed yesterday that his wife knew he was gay before they married.

"Although it is clear that the defendant (Dina Matos McGreevey) knew of my sexual orientation before our marriage, she chose to either ignore it or block it out of her mind, even when questioned by her friends," McGreevey says, according to the Web site for the Newark Star-Ledger.

Matos McGreevey says, in a book to be released May 1, that she believed their marriage was solid and had worries only about her husband's secretive calls and visits to his first wife and daughter until he summoned her to the governor's mansion three days before he resigned.

McGreevey resigned in 2004 after admitting he was gay and saying he had an affair with a man he made a homeland security adviser. McGreevey does not detail how Matos McGreevey knew he was gay, but calls his wife a "bitter, vengeful woman" and objects to her contention in recent court papers that he is bisexual. - AP