HOLTWOOD, Pa. - Searchers found the body of a teenage girl yesterday, nine days after the motorboat she was in was swept over a 60-foot dam on the Susquehanna River.

Authorities lowered the water level on the river below the Holtwood Dam yesterday morning in a last-ditch effort to find the body of Nichole Barlow, 16, of Quarryville. About 41/2 hours into the search, crews from the Rawlinsville Volunteer Fire Department found her body tangled in submerged trees about 1,000 yards from the dam.

Four adults and another teenager were rescued after the 16-foot vessel plummeted over the Holtwood Dam, about 10 miles north of the Maryland line, on April 29.

The boaters had maneuvered into the middle of the river to have lunch and shut off the motor, then were unable to restart the motor. Their anchor failed to take hold and the boat drifted about 300 yards before going over the dam. All six passengers jumped out. - AP