The couple dubbed the "Bonnie and Clyde" of identity theft returned to their Center City condo yesterday, creating unease among neighbors still trying to figure out whether they had been scammed by the pair, police said.

Meanwhile, investigators said they had yet to determine whether a connection existed between the couple's illegal possession of keys to other condo units and mailboxes and the fact that Edward Anderton formerly worked for the company that developed the condo building.

Detective Terry Sweeney said residents of the Belgravia, 1811 Chestnut St., had reported seeing the couple back in their unit.

"They find it very disturbing and unsettling that the thieves are still in their midst," said Sweeney of Central Detectives.

It was not clear whether the couple planned to remain. Sweeney said they had a lease and a legal right to live there unless evicted.

Anderton, 25, and Jocelyn Kirsch, 22, were charged with forgery, identity theft, unlawful use of a computer, and conspiracy. They were arrested Friday and are free on bail. The pair face possible further state and federal charges.

In the couple's condo, police discovered fraudulent credit cards and driver's licenses, a kit for picking locks, software used for identity theft, and a machine for making ID cards. Police also found at least 40 keys to other condo units and mailboxes, as well as about $17,500 in cash.

Anderton, a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, formerly worked for Lubert-Adler Real Estate Funds, the firm that converted the building to condos, police said.

Sweeney said it was unclear whether Anderton had access to the keys through his former employer or whether he got them some other way.

A spokeswoman for Lubert-Adler did not reply to a request for comment.