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Former A.C. councilman out of prison after scheme

ATLANTIC CITY - A former city councilman who pleaded guilty to bribery charges and wore a wire to help snag others involved in a corruption scheme is out of prison after serving nearly five months at a minimum-security detention camp.

Ramon Rosario, 49, was released last week from the Lewisburg Federal Prison Camp in central Pennsylvania, according to the Press of Atlantic City.

He received a 10-month sentence May 2 after he admitted taking $14,000 in bribes between August and November 2004 from a contractor in exchange for support of city development projects. The former councilman now begins five months of home confinement.

U.S. District Judge Joseph H. Rodriguez cited Rosario's extensive cooperation in May when he issued the sentence, which was more lenient than those of former City Council President Craig Callaway and former Camden City Councilman Ali Sloan-El. They received 40-month and 20-month sentences, respectively, for their roles in the scheme.

- AP