No charges for Brandy



Brandy Norwood

) can hang on to her innocent dimples a bit longer: The L.A. city attorney's office has decided not to charge the singer and


star in a deadly 2006 freeway crash because there is "insufficient evidence" to persuade a jury to find her guilty of misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter.

In the Dec. 30 crash, Brandy's Land Rover smashed into the back of a Honda when traffic slowed on a Los Angeles freeway. The crash, which set off other collisions, killed the Honda driver, 38-year-old

Awatef Aboudihaj


Sweet deal for Letterman

David Letterman

, who had announced that the two late-night CBS shows he produces would return with new shows despite the writers' strike, says they'll be back starting Wednesday - with blessings from the Writers' Guild.

Letterman's company, Worldwide Pants, reached an agreement with the union to bring

The Late Show With David Letterman

and the

Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson

back with all their writers.

Who'll foot the bill?

Hollywood studios said Friday that to date, striking writers had lost more than $151 million in salary and benefits - which, the studios said, is more than the writers had hoped to gain by striking.

Prison guard or jazzman?

Former prison guard

Eric Kamau Gravatt

, 60, retired as a lieutenant with the Minnesota Department of Corrections in 2001 - only to end up three years later back at his pre-prison job as drummer for Philly-born jazz piano master

McCoy Tyner


"My career started with a telephone call. McCoy called me to play," Gravatt, also a Philly native (Germantown High Class of '65), told the Associated Press. "My career stopped just as easily when the telephone didn't ring anymore." Gravatt said Tyner, who is perhaps best known for his work with the John Coltrane Quartet, had dropped him in 1976 when he failed to show up at a gig in New York because of a mix-up over his plane ticket.

He said now that his two daughters were grown, he was free to return to his lifelong passion.

A jewel sued over jewels

Someday, it seemed,

Heidi Klum

would have to pay for her obsession with the clover design that she imposes on her fashion accessories and her jewelry. That time may be now. The

Project Runway

host, who has been showing off her new, heavily clover-ed jewelry line, is being sued for $25,000 by jeweler Van Cleef & Arpels, which says the German model copied one of the vintage clover designs from its very own Alhambra jewelry line.

Angie & Jennifer

The Upright Citizens Brigade (


) on Thursday premiered its play

Jen and Angie

in New York. About a fictional meeting between

Angelina Jolie

(played by

Christina Casa

) and

Jennifer Aniston

(portrayed by

Sara Chase

), the play purports to explain why Angie stole

Brad Pitt

from Jen.

"Everybody hates me. I'm just too beautiful," Angie says in a video excerpt on


. "Look at my face. It's not a human face. I'm like an alien!" Angie's on a scary-crazy roll. "People don't understand beauty this intense," she says. "They run away from it, or they try to trap it . . . stick it into a cage - a

face cage


Addition, as multiplication

Natalie Morales

tells TV Guide that adding one hour to NBC's


is like "adding 10 hours to the week, because you spend more time preparing." But don't be alarmed. The reporter and coanchor says, "I enjoy every minute of it." That extra hour feels like 10 hours to us, too.

Still life with bagel

US Weekly's Babies of the Year issue features a photo of

Jennifer Garner


Ben Affleck

's 2-year-old girl,


, holding this bagel - which looks huge in her lil' hands - that she's been munching on.

Violet, that precocious creature, can already sing "When You Wish Upon a Star," or so "family pal"

Victor Garber

tells Us.