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Cache of weapons seized in Camden

Police took them from the home of a murder suspect. A submachine gun and M1 rifles were among them.

Camden police officers have seized dozens of weapons, including a submachine gun and several military rifles, from the dilapidated home of a man charged with killing his neighbor.

Daniel Scott Winstanley, 61, was arrested May 13 after allegedly shooting 42-year-old Francisco Cordero in the head days earlier as the two walked on Federal Street.

When authorities entered Winstanley's State Street home, they found it in such an unstable condition it took several days to remove the weapons.

Authorities found 47 weapons they characterized as high-velocity rifles, a .45-caliber Thompson submachine gun, and 10,000 rounds of ammunition. The long guns included several M1 military rifles. The police also confiscated more than 100 simulated weapons such as BB guns as well as bayonets, custom knives and swords.

The rifles and submachine gun were all fully operational, according to Teresa Sicard Archambeault, Camden police spokeswoman.

"This is one of the largest numbers of firearms that we have found in one home for at least five years," she said. "These are powerful, dangerous weapons."

Everett Cook, a former longtime FBI employee who worked as a firearms instructor in Philadelphia, said he would not consider it unusual for a hunter or a serious gun collector to own dozens of guns.

"Some people could be collecting these firearms for 40 years or more," he said.

Owning a submachine gun is far more unusual, Cook said. Bail for Winstanley was set at $500,000.