A 38-year-old Bucks County woman surrendered to authorities yesterday to face charges that she engaged in sex acts with two teenage boys during an April sleepover in Lower Makefield Township.

Angela Honeycutt also stripped and danced during the sleepover attended by six teens, according to the criminal complaints.

A second woman, 45-year-old Lynne Long-Higham, who hosted the sleepover, was charged with endangering the welfare of children.

She was accused of listening at the door while Honeycutt had sex with one of the boys and then warning others not to talk about what happened.

On April 11, Long-Higham hosted a coed teen party at her home on South Dove Road, according to the complaint filed against her. About 20 teens attended the party.

Six boys - five of them at the time were 15 and one was 14 - stayed the night.

Honeycutt began a sexually explicit conversation with the boys and "stated something to the effect that 'men have to take control to get something they want,' " court papers said.

She then allegedly began kissing one of the boys.

Three of the teens later accompanied her to a bedroom, where she asked, "Who wants to take a shower?" authorities said.

One of the boys got in the shower with her and engaged in sexual intercourse, the court papers said.

Long-Higham and two boys listened at the bathroom door, the documents said. One of the teens noted that Honeycutt "could get into trouble for this," and Long-Higham told him "that's why you can't tell anyone," the court documents said.

Later, Honeycutt allegedly engaged in sex acts with a second teen in the bathroom, and she also was accused of exposing herself and doing a dance during the course of the evening that was "sexual in nature."

One of the boys who allegedly had sexual contact with Honeycutt reported the events to Lower Makefield police on April 14.

Honeycutt, of Finch Court in Lower Makefield, has been charged with statutory sexual assault and other crimes.

Honeycutt and Long-Higham appeared in court yesterday and were released on bail.

It could not be determined who was representing the women last night, but both declined to comment when approached by a television news crew after they were released.