The Philadelphia woman who was abducted at gunpoint this week by the man who had just fatally shot her boyfriend is a former University of Pennsylvania graduate student who moonlighted as a dominatrix and had been involved with both men.

Edythe Maa, 27, who worked under the professional name "Mistress Jade Vixen," said in a telephone interview Wednesday that she had intended to file for a restraining order against an obsessed David P. Krieg, 42, who she said had been stalking her for days before he confronted her and her boyfriend Sunday night.

Krieg, of West Chester, shot New York lawyer Anthony Ottaviano, 35, before abducting the woman, police said. Krieg, who police said sexually assaulted the woman before releasing her Monday, killed himself later that day in West Chester after a nine-hour standoff with police.

"This was a jealous rage," said Philadelphia Homicide Capt. James Clark, who described Krieg as a former client of the woman, whom he did not identify by name. Clark would not elaborate on the business relationship the victim had with Krieg.

The New York Post yesterday published photographs from the Internet showing a latex-clad Maa in separate scenes with Krieg and with Ottaviano.

Krieg, on his profanity-laced MySpace page, professed a fondness for bondage and sadomasochism. Mistress Jade Vixen, on a Web page in which she advertises her six years of experience as a dominatrix, offers her services in person or by telephone.

Maa, a Long Island native, dropped out of the doctoral program at the University of Pennsylvania's materials science and engineering program, according to university officials.

Maa disputed earlier police characterizations of Krieg as an ex-boyfriend.

"David was never in any sort of relationship with me," she said in the interview. "Anthony was my boyfriend. He will be greatly missed."

Her attorney, John Elbert, yesterday declined to comment on Maa's profession, but "absolutely" denied the woman had any sort of relationship with Krieg.

"Krieg was a psychopath," he said. "He stalked her."

"It's quite simple," Elbert said. "The girl was taken at gunpoint, watched her boyfriend die, held for four hours and molested, and had to beg for her life."

Krieg's cached MySpace page contains a photograph of a well-muscled Krieg and a Sept. 3 message from "JV" - Jade Vixen - in which she asks: "Why don't you have any pics of us in your photos section?"

Police in Philadelphia and West Chester yesterday said they considered the case closed and called the woman a victim.

"She has absolutely no culpability in the death," said Capt. Clark.

Maa described the harrowing experience that began late Sunday when she and Ottaviano returned from dinner to her apartment on Brandywine Street in North Philadelphia.

Maa, who said Krieg had been "aggressively harassing and stalking" her for six weeks, confronted the couple as they stepped out of their car after coming back from dinner.

Without saying a word, he shot Ottaviano and forced the woman into his rental car, Clark said.

She told police she was sexually assaulted at gunpoint and driven around for hours before she convinced Krieg to let her go. Krieg dropped her off at his parents' house near West Chester. Clark said she immediately called police in Chester County.

"I was abducted at gunpoint by David and held hostage with the gun to my head for several hours," she said. "He sexually assaulted me at gunpoint."

Elbert said that Maa had intended to file for a restraining order against Krieg.

"We didn't have time," Elbert said. "It probably wouldn't have made a difference, anyway."