Beyoncé to be re-re-reborn?



fated to follow in the footsteps of

Janet Gaynor

. . . and

Judy Garland

. . . and

Barbra Streisand

in a re-re-remake of the classic rags-to-riches picture

A Star Is Born

? Various reports last week said Lady B. was on board with the project. But the singer's rep tells

Access Hollywood

the story is "completely false." Have to admit, it would be a perfect role for B.

Kanye, genius . . . designer?

Kanye West

, 31, who has proclaimed that his new CD,

808s & Heartbreak

, is a great work of art, is reportedly ready to chuck it all for an entry-level internship as a fashion designer. London's Daily Mirror claims Kanye, who wants to launch a line called Pastelle (


), is so keen to learn the ropes that he has applied for grunt jobs at various houses, including Louis Vuitton.

Celebs send aid to Darfur

Charity foundation Not on Our Watch, which was begun by a cabal of celebs, including

Don Cheadle


George Clooney


Matt Damon


Brad Pitt


Jerry Weintraub

, last week awarded the International Rescue Committee $260,000 to support critical health services at seven clinics in North Darfur. Last year the group gave a total of $2.75 mil for IRC programs in the war-ravaged region.

Winehouse supplier to jail

A London judge on Friday sentenced

Johnny Blagrove

, 34, to two years in jail for supplying

Amy Winehouse

with drugs. Johnny, a gent's gent by all accounts, gave Amy coke and ecstasy, videotaped her using the drugs, then sold the footage to London tab the Sun for $75,000. Johnny's gf and co-conspirator,

Cara Burton

, 22, got two years' community service.

Lunch boxes for the hungry

Gwyneth Paltrow


Mario Batali


Salman Rushdie


Cameron Diaz

are among a gaggle of celebs who have designed one-of-a-kind lunchboxes to be auctioned to raise money for the Food Bank for New York City and the Lunchbox Fund. Bidding is open through Thursday at



Luke, may the $ be with you


Star Wars

fan on Thursday slammed down $240,000 for the honor of taking home the lump of plastic that Luke Skywalker (

Mark Hamill

) used as his light saber in the first two


flicks at a Profiles in History auction in L.A.

The headgear worn by C-3PO (

Anthony Daniels

) went for $120,000.

Axl fears . . . you

Long-haired hard-rock hard man

Axl Rose

has become a veritable recluse, claims the New York Post, which cites "music-industry insiders" who say the

Guns n' Roses

frontman suffers from


- the fear of people. (Yep, ordinary, run-of-the-mill people.) His pals are concerned because Axl refuses to do interviews to promote Guns' latest album,

Chinese Democracy

, which took 15 years to complete.

Axl's rep,

Larry Solters

, won't have any of it. "He has not been diagnosed with anthropophobia . . . and no interviews have been canceled," he tells the Post.

Coda: Cruise, the musical

"I always wanted to do a musical, and I'm glad musicals are now back in vogue." So says

Tom Cruise

in a chat with

Entertainment Tonight Canada

about his great unrealized dream. Meanwhile, in a brave move, Tom tells

Jay Leno

that he liked making


, a WWII saga about a failed plot to kill

Adolf Hitler

, because - and here he goes out on a real

limb - he totally hates Hitler. Fact, he's "always wanted to kill Hitler."

Sandra embraces love, again

Folks at report, with much relief, that

Sandra Bullock

has returned to romantic comedies "after a long, meandering journey down the drama path with . . .





S.B. stars in

The Proposal


Ryan Reynolds

in a story so original it gave me a headache: S.B. plays a lonely Canadian book editor who asks her assistant to pretend to be her fiance so she won't be deported.