A former Bristol Borough police officer was arrested yesterday, accused of pressuring a woman to engage in sex acts with him while he was on duty.

Samuel Anderson, 32, of Levittown, resigned from the police in September after county detectives began investigating him. He was charged yesterday with official oppression, a second-degree misdemeanor, and was released on $30,000 unsecured bail.

A criminal complaint says that Anderson performed sexual acts on a woman after she had called police for assistance on Aug. 29.

The woman told police that Anderson had "requested that they engage in sexual acts." She initially complied, the complaint said, explaining that she "did not know what to do because he was a police officer in her residence."

The woman had called police for help during a 3 a.m. argument with her ex-boyfriend at her residence.

Anderson told the man to leave, and then helped locate the woman's car keys, which the ex-boyfriend had thrown across the street.

Anderson then returned with the woman to her residence, and asked for sex. The woman allowed the officer to perform sex acts on her, the complaint says, but refused when he demanded she reciprocate.

During the encounter, Anderson stopped at one point to radio his patrol partner, the complaint says.

After the woman refused his added demands, Anderson "asked if he could come back again and [the woman] agreed." Instead, she filed a complaint against Anderson later in the day.