Apparently even bank robbers prefer SEPTA, transit official say.

Yesterday, after the Sovereign Bank branch at Providence Road and Baltimore Pike in Media was robbed, the two suspects were spotted climbing on board the Route 101 trolley.

Big mistake.

News of the robbery went out on the police radio and officers were stationed at every stop along the trolley route, said SEPTA spokeswoman Jerri Williams.

SEPTA Police Sgt. Don Wagner and SEPTA Officer James Hoback overheard the broadcast on a police scanner, so when the Route 101 pulled into the 69th Street Terminal, they were waiting.

"The two men initially attempted to run when they spotted their uniformed escorts, but they were immediately apprehended," Williams said in a statement.

She said later that the men were turned over to Upper Darby police. Upper Darby police said the men were taken back to the Media Police Department.

A spokeswoman there said that no further information about their identity or the amount of money taken was available last night.

"As far as I know, they did recover a large amount of cash," Williams said. As for the suspects' mode of transportation, Williams said this appeared to be a first.

"I recall a number of bank robbers hopping on buses, but I do not recall anybody hopping on a slow-moving train for a 25-minute ride. They hopped on, sat down, and enjoyed the ride."