Mayor Nutter's latest pick for the Philadelphia Board of Ethics was confirmed Thursday after City Council gave the Rev. Damone B. Jones Sr. unanimous support.

Jones, pastor of Bible Way Baptist Church in West Philadelphia, appeared sympathetic to Council complaints that the Ethics Board is too focused on penalizing elected officials for ethics missteps, which sometimes involve technical issues.

Jones said he would focus on preventing ethics violations with education to avoid controversies like recent ones.

"There's supposed to be a training component that should be . . . rather intense, so we can be proactive rather than reactive," Jones said.

Jones was the second person nominated for the same spot. Businessman Edward Kung withdrew his nomination after Council questioned whether he understood the role of the board and the issues that Council had with it.

Jones served on the Ethics Board from late 2001 to mid-2004, when the panel functioned solely as an advisory group to Mayor John F. Street.

Jones was nominated for the Ethics Board again in late 2007 by Street, who had just 30 days left as mayor. Nutter at the time backed his own pick, former federal prosecutor Kenya Mann, for the job.