Access to the controversial Web site has been blocked from all Philadelphia city computers, following a similar move last week by the Police Department.

The site, which faces a lawsuit from a black police officers organization that alleges it is a forum for racist material, also has restricted access to registered users. Domelights - until this week a publicly available site - is not accepting new members.

Brian Mildenberg, attorney for the black officers group, the Guardian Civic League, said last night that out-of-court negotiations would be held with the city in an attempt to address the concerns of black officers who have long reviled the site as creating a hostile work environment.

Guardian League president Rochelle Bilal said last night that her members' goal was to shut down the site, which is operated by an active-duty police sergeant who uses the screen name McQ.

Because of threats posted on Domelights, Bilal has a detail of uniformed officers guarding her.

McQ posted a message last week saying he merely provides a forum for discussion and disavowing any racist or sexist material on the site, which he founded in 2000.