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Yankees, not Phillies

Three N.J. governor candidates agree.

New Jersey's three top candidates for governor agree on at least one thing: Go Yankees.

While New Jersey sports fandom is typically split between loyalties to Philadelphia in the South and New York in the North, all three of the leading gubernatorial candidates are pulling for the Yankees over the Phillies in the World Series.

Only independent Chris Daggett is a Yankees fan to his core, but both Democratic Gov. Corzine and Republican Christopher J. Christie have more personal ties to North Jersey than South.

Corzine, who grew up in Illinois as a White Sox fan, has lived in the northern part of the state since moving to New Jersey and spent much of his professional career working in Manhattan. His campaign spokesman, Sean Darcy, wrote in an e-mail that Corzine is rooting for the Yankees.

Christie, born and raised in North Jersey, is an avowed Mets fan - surely making the Phillies-Yanks World Series sting. In an interview on WCBS-AM, the Yankees' radio carrier, Christie said, "I'm a North Jersey guy, so I'll be pulling for the Yankees."

Daggett's policy director, Mark Magyar, said Daggett, who played shortstop in Little League at the Shore, grew up as a Yankees fan.

"Unlike some candidates for office who tailor their positions, Chris Daggett is a Yankee fan," Magyar said, but added: "I can say, if this was the Phillies-Red Sox, I know where he would be."