HARRISBURG - The cafeteria in Pennsylvania's Capitol was shut down and workers scoured the facility yesterday after health inspectors found evidence of a rodent infestation and dishwashing water that wasn't hot enough. The ground-floor cafeteria was closed Thursday after state Department of Agriculture officials made an unannounced inspection.

"There were mouse droppings around the facility too numerous to mention," said Justin Fleming, a department spokesman. The droppings are considered an imminent health risk, Fleming said. A leak that prevented the water in dishwashers from becoming hot enough to sterilize plates and utensils also was considered an imminent threat, he said.

Aramark Corp., the Philadelphia food service company that runs the cafeteria, voluntarily closed it at the request of state inspectors, Fleming said.

Aramark spokeswoman Sarah Jarvis said the problems were being corrected. "We take all violations and suggestions very seriously" and promptly correct any problems, she said. - AP