Valley Forge Military Academy and College in Radnor has improved its finances by selling 19.4 acres just south of its main campus to nearby Eastern University for $10 million, but questions remain about how the university will use the land.

Valley Forge announced the sale Thursday.

The land is used for parking and includes 14 homes for some Valley Forge staff members.

Staffers will be able to remain in the homes "for the foreseeable future" as a result of a joint-use agreement, Valley Forge said.

Under that agreement, Valley Forge will lease the homes from Eastern, said John Miller, a Valley Forge spokesman. And Eastern will lease 20 apartments on Radnor Street Road, tennis courts, and athletic fields from Valley Forge on its remaining 111-acre campus.

The university has discussed several possible uses for the property, which does not abut its campus, but has made no decisions, said Linda Ann Olson, executive communications director at Eastern.

David Black, Eastern's president, said one project being considered was using the land to house an arts-intensive two-year program for students with nonverbal learning disabilities, such as Asperger's syndrome.

"The south campus is an ideal spot for this first-of-its-kind program in the United States," Black said.

The acquisition allows Eastern to expand its 115-acre campus, and some nearby residents are concerned about the property's possible uses.

The North Wayne Protective Association has been providing information about the land and development proposals to interested residents.

But Paula Ball, association president, said her organization had decided against taking a stand. She said opinions on possible uses varied widely.

Bill Floyd, chairman of Valley Forge's board of trustees and acting head of school, said the sale "strengthens our financial position both now and for the future."

Valley Forge recently has experienced fluctuating enrollment and financial difficulties. Seventeen staffers were laid off in January.

The academy, which begins with the seventh grade, enrolls 226 male day and boarding students. A total of 283 students attend the junior college, which is coed.

Floyd also said the land sale "will not impact current cadet life or academic programs, but is an important step towards realizing the fulfillment of our vision for the organization." He also said the transaction would strengthen Valley Forge's relationship with Eastern.

Valley Forge announced the sale, which occurred last Friday, but not the price; Miller said Valley Forge and Eastern had agreed not to disclose the figure. The amount was reported on the Delaware County recorder of deeds website, and Miller confirmed it.