Two volunteer members of the Pemberton First Aid and Emergency Squad have been arrested on charges of stealing about $26,000 and ordering equipment for personal use that was paid for with the organization's money, authorities said Thursday.

Brandon T. Morrison, 21, of Tabernacle, was charged with theft and impersonation. He was treasurer and captain of the squad.

Jonathan L. Hinshaw, 24, of Voorhees, was charged with theft. He was president of the organization.

Morrison is accused of buying items totaling more than $19,800 with squad money not approved by the organization's finance committee. The items - including a laptop computer, boots, clothing, and knives - were kept for personal use, investigators said. Morrison allegedly forged checks to pay for the items.

He also is accused of forging checks to himself totaling nearly $6,000.

Hinshaw is accused of accepting a forged check made out to him for $485.75.

The alleged thefts occurred between February and October, authorities said.

The investigation was conducted by detectives from the Pemberton Township Police Department, the Burlington County Prosecutor's Office Financial Crimes Unit, and the Burlington County Prosecutor's Office Special Investigations Unit.

Both men were released after posting bail, authorities said.