The man who handled an injured red fox was found to be rabid has turned himself in to health authorities, a Radnor Township police sergeant said today.

Sgt. Christopher Flanagan said the man, who had been sought by health authorities yesterday, "did turn himself in and we await the status," Flanagan said in an e-mail.

The incident took place at 2 p.m. Monday when Radnor Township police responded to a call in Wayne. They found the man holding the injured fox, bundled in a blanket.

A call to Pennsylvania Health Department officials in Harrisburg for details on the man's identity and whether he would be required to get rabies shots due to his exposure to the sick animal was not immediately returned.

Radnor Township Health Officer Larry Taltoan also was not available for comment.

After the incident Monday, the fox was tested by the state laboratory in Lionville, which made the rabies diagnosis.

The state has warned anyone in the area who may have come in contact with the rabid animal to come forward for medical evaluation.

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