Philadelphia Energy Solutions (PES) announced Thursday that it was recalling a potentially unsafe batch of kerosene that got into the market that could cause fires in space heaters.

PES said it was conducting a "voluntary recall" of kerosene sold between Dec. 10 and Tuesday because it could ignite and "create a potential safety hazard." The company operates the former Sunoco refinery in South Philadelphia.

As much as 2,000 gallons of the volatile fuel were sold through nine Pennsylvania and New Jersey outlets, including stations in West Philadelphia, Quakertown, and Burlington, said Philip L. Rinaldi, chief executive of PES.

The recall was initiated after a customer complained that the fuel did not smell right. Rinaldi said that another customer, in Millville, N.J., reported a fire in his space heater Thursday.

Rinaldi said the company would replace space heaters containing the fuel and was offering incentives for customers to return the material.

"We put some stuff out that wasn't right," he said. "We're going to fix it."

Out of the 15 million gallons of fuel the refinery produces each day, a small amount is kerosene, which is similar to diesel.

PES said it distributed about 5,000 gallons of bad fuel. Most was still stored at stations and recovered.

PES identified the outlets that received the fuel as US Gas in Quakertown; Riggins on 52d Street in Philadelphia; Scotty Gas in East Stroudsburg, Pa.; Riggins in Quinton, N.J.; Riggins in Pleasantville, N.J.; Cardiff Riggins in Egg Harbor Township, N.J.; South Vineland Riggins in Vineland, N.J.; Nesco Riggins in Hammonton, N.J.; and Burlington Fuel Express in Burlington.

Customers with the fuel may call 1-800-261-3707.